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Tuesday evening, my folks, brother & hubby headed out on the great Lake Minnetonka for a boat cruise. The weather was gorgeous, the company was sweet. My parents pointed out hot spots, their favorite memories of growing up on the lake, and all the happy times they had with friends and family. My mom pointed out her house, my dad pointed out his old house. I have vague memories of my grandparent's house. They moved not long after I was about 3 or 4. My dad said his dad, loved that house, and when he retired the taxes started to skyrocket and they could no longer to afford to live there. That made me sad.
But I loved hearing all my dad's hoodlum stories of the lake, him and his friends caused some ruckus! On the boat, we ate pizza, chatted and danced. Of course we were the only ones, but we always march to a different beat anyway.