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Favorite Children's Books

Now that we have a child in the house we are obsessed with collecting all our favorite childhood books. Both my husband and I love to read and that is something we want to pass along to our children. So I was thinking about the books that stood out to me the most. The ones I would read at home or the ones the teachers at school would read to the class. I picked 5 books and one book of poems that kids of all ages love! 
The Monster at the End of the Book - Sesame Street How can you not love Grover and his fear of a certain "monster" at the end of the book. At every turn of the page you bring Grover one step closer to the end of the book. This book is wonderful because you feel like Grover is interacting with you, yelling, pleading, begging you to DO NOT TURN THE PAGE! My brother and I would read this book over and over until we had it memorized. Does Grover encounter the Monster at the end of the book? The results will make you smile... and Grover too! 

Harry and the Terrible Wh…