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School is OUT

This week was the last week of school at the middle school I work at. Yesterday was the last day for teachers... it was an emotional day. More so than the past 2 years. I guess because there are staff and teachers leaving not only for the summer but for good. Many of those teachers I have grown to really like... so it's a sad time. Plus all the peeps that I enjoy seeing everyday, won't be here for 3 months.
Working at a school is strange, unlike most jobs. At most jobs you go to work, see the same co-workers everyday for 12 months strait. At a school you go on co-worker hiatus for 3 months, and it's an odd feeling. Anyway sudden change can be good and bad.

Bad... miss my crazy co-worker friends. Good... Get lots of work done.
Bad... no laughing my butt off throughout the day. Good... I'm going to put 30Rock on in a few minutes.
Bad... No funny co-worker emails throughout the day. Good... I have blasting through the library right now!

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