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I'm Alive!

Well actually, I am alive, but a little (no, a lot) sick. I can't remember the last time i was this sick. Actually i think it was about 10 years ago when i was living in New Hampshire. I caught some sort of flu bug and was banished to bed for over a week! My BFF Rachel was also there, cause we worked at the same Residential Crisis-Care Facility, His Mansion Ministries. Anyway, we were both sick in bed, but it was nice to have a good friend close by. Ok, so yeah I went to Urgent Care last night, and if you know me at all, that is not something I ever do. The last time i went was about 2 years ago when I had this lingering cough\lung thing. My boyfriend at the time was convinced it was pneumonia... and I was convinced he needed to stop worrying about me so much! Finally, i begrudgingly headed to the UC and they did some x-rays and sure enough... pneumonia. Eat Crow Sabrina! :)
Well I don't have pneumonia, and they ruled out strep, even though my throat is raw and painfully tender…