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The Best!

I have to say that I have the best cousins in the world! A total blessing just arrived at my door... a new AC unit! My cousins decided to buy me a new one and surprise me! And surprised and thankful and happy I was! I had a window AC, but when my ex returned it to me a few months ago, low and behold it didn't work anymore! :( Being that Minnesota can be cruelly hot in the summer... I was not looking forward to sweating my self into oblivion from June to September! Kyle & Kelly are my heroes!!! MEOW to infinity!

Cakes in a Cup

I've spent the last 2 days making cupcakes for different gatherings I would be attending\hosting. Thankfully it wasn't too hot in my kitchen, nor did my oven leak too much gas... (sometimes it's really strong!) I made 2 different cupcakes, well technically 3... Mojito Cupcakes and Chocolate Cinnamon Chipotle Cupcakes, some with powdered sugar & Cinnamon on top and some with Raspberry Jelly with Hot peppers... Hopefully they are enjoyable.
I'm off soon to a party. Some of these people I haven't seen in months... should be interesting and fun all at the same time....