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The Dining Room

I spent the better part of this weekend working on my Dining Room. It was so blah before. Now it has color and pictures on the wall.
I still need a new dining room table... Hello Craig's List! And maybe a buffet table. Other than that I'm almost set! Check out the Inspired Room Blog for some great decorating ideas!

The mirror, white chair and pillow were all found at thrift stores\garage sales.

The curtain is a sheet i turned into a curtain, another thrift store find. The pictures are framed scrap book pages.

TWD~Devil's Food White Out Cake

I was really excited to make this cake. Mostly because I love making cake. More than cookies or pies or anything "floating". Cakes and Cupcakes are where it's at. I decided to follow the cake part of the recipe as written. I chose to use all Semi-Sweet chocolate since I don't really like bittersweet chocolate. I don't like the taste. My cakes baked up quickly, although they weren't as thick as I thought they should be. So instead of cutting them in half, I just sliced off the top of one of them for the crumbles. I ended up with just two layers. I didn't want to make the marshmallowy frosting... too many steps and I'm not good with candy thermometers and eggs!! So I made Peanut Butter Frosting! YUM! Thus my cake is not a white out, more like a sand storm maybe? I love peanut butter and chocolate... I like the simplicity of putting the cake crumbs all over the cake.
A Haiku
i bake monday night cakes pies cookies for my blog leave fun comments please

It's All Good

I just looked at my blog and realized it's been almost a week since I last blogged. I guess I've just been busy with my rock star life.
I had a great week! Maybe that is why I didn't blog... I'm having so much fun living in the real world that cyber space goes on the back burner.

A. I got a new custom built desk at work. After working off of three makeshift desks for the past 6 months I get a real fancy schmancy desk.
B. I booked a ticket to go visit my BFF Rachel over spring break!
C. Kelly invited me, Heather of the EO and Ellen to go see Triple Espresso. It was actually very funny and Kelly sang for EVERYONE! It was peeing pants worthy.
D. I had a great Valentine's day... and probably because I didn't have to deal with boyfriend drama! I invited my parents and brother over for dinner... Asian Shrimp Salad, Talapia with steamed veggies and French Pear Tart.
E. I don't have to work tomorrow! Another wonderful day off! Presidents make me happy.
F. I'm getting …


I just didn't have it in me to make Floating Islands. Mostly because you should probably serve them right away and not something you box up and can take to work. And also that is a lot of milk to purchase when I don't drink milk and what would I do with the leftovers? So maybe I will wait for another occasion to try and make these.

I made Dorie's Pound Cake instead. It's for a co-worker's housewarming gift. And she bugs me EVERYDAY to make her a pound cake. So I think I will surprise her with it!

I will be back next week... TTFN.

Cousin Fest 09' AKA Embrace the Dysfunction

Last weekend the Uncle & Aunt invited the Cousins over for:
a. Dinner
b. fuse ball and hockey
c. bleaching
d. engagement celebrations
e. Dog poop scavenger hunt
g. Valentine's Day
h. 3 types of artichoke dip
i. cousins marrying cousins i.e. officiating weddings! der.
j. colonic discussions
k. all of the above.
Completely & Undeniable Inappropriate
Kelly & Kyle

Amber & Aaron
Chris & Jen
Amber & Kelly
Buddy & Jen
Cambodia Erin

Colorado Kristi & Chad + Drew!

I cut pizza like a ROCK STAR!

Does looking at this picture give you a panic attack? No, probably not.
I didn't think so either. But apparently, it's what happens while I'm cutting a pizza that causes the people that I am closest to, go running from the room, pulling out their hair and screaming... STOP CUTTING PIZZA LIKE A FREAK SABRINA!!!!!
I thought it was just my BFF Rachel who had issues with my pizza cutting abilities... She also doesn't like it when I eat all the moose track caramel chunks out of the ice cream either. Whatevs! But the other day I was cutting pizza while my friend Shannon was over and you would've thought I was stabbing a puppy!
Seriously, I get the pizza cut into slices, so does it really matter how i cut it???? I think not. Apparently 2 of my closest friends have issues, NOT ME!

TWD~World Peace Cookies

I'm not sure why these cookies are called World Peace cookies. They were not so peaceful to make. Actually, all was well until I finished mixing in the flour and my dough was so crumbly.
Dorie said it might be, but I wasn't expecting this. Cutting them proved to be a bit difficult so I just pieced them together as best as I could. Maybe they should've been called World Piece cookies?
The interesting thing about these was the sea salt that was added. I didn't use Fleur de Sel, instead I opted for regular ol' sea salt. I was a little leery about the amount of salt i added and how it would affect the taste of the cookie. But it really did enhance the chocolate and flavor. I might add sea salt to more of my baked goods. My pictures didn't turn out so well. Because the finished project was nothing to look at. But they did taste very nice. I also didn't use bittersweet chocolate and used mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. I don't like dark chocolate so I'm g…

I am a Panvowel!!!!

I am so jealous of people that are palindromes, like Hannah and my Mom.

But today I found out that i am a Panvowel!!!! A Panvowel is a word that uses all vowels in it.

My last name is Robideau, a panvowel marvel!

Here are some other panvowel words:












facetious (which has all the vowels in a row)

I am Robideau, a cauliflower eating, tamborine playing, facetious troublemaking sulphogermanic!

Being a Panvowel is Boss! Like shoulder pads and perms...... BEST EPISODE EVER!