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Top 10 Projects of 2011

2011 Has been a great year at Superfluous! Moving into a new house always brings plenty of projects to work on... and work on... and... And then there was the invention of Pinterest, where I was and continually am inspired to create. So I wanted to highlight the Top 10 Superfluous Projects of 2011.

DIY Fabric Lampshade Cover 
While working on E's nursery I took a boring ol' lampshade and made a fabric cover. It was a super easy project and I loved how it turned out! 

Goodwill Chair Chevron Makeover
I found a really ugly chair at the Goodwill.  I spray painted it white and put a chevron cover on the seat.  Amazing transformation! 

Word Art Project
Canvas, Stencil and Scrapbook paper made a really fun and inspirational word art project.

Halloween Wreath
Thanks to Pinterest, I got the idea to make a Halloween wreath! Spooky! 

Knockoff Anthropologie Mirror
I love Anthropologie, but I don't love their prices. I saw a mirror I really liked, but decided to DIY my own. 

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