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Sponsored Post - Frigidaire Water Filters

Having a Frigidaire refrigerator  we love our Frigidaire water filter. It makes our mineral dense city water taste fresh and clean. 

Well water often tastes far different than city water, which can be rather annoying if you are used to city water and this is the first house that you have owned that has its own well. Now, some well water is very pure and clean naturally, fueled by underground springs, so you might be fine, but some of it tastes like iron. This is due to the mineral deposits that are in the soil, which are getting into your water. They are not bad for you at all, but they can make your water taste different, which is not ideal. 

There are a number of things that you can do to improve the taste. First, just make sure that the water is cold. Put a bottle of it in the fridge after you fill it up at the tap and let it cool down. If you are pouring it straight from the tap, think about adding ice to it before you drink it. Lukewarm water tends to carry more flavor than cold wa…