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Pi day unravelled

Today is Pi day... you know like 3.14..... Working at a middle school it's a big deal i guess, cousin Kelly can confirm that too. How did we ever both end up working at Middle schools???
Anyway, If you don't know it, my confession is that i am not mathematically inclined at all! It is a big fat blank in my head when it comes to doing math. I just don't get it at all. Believe me, I have tried! All my life teachers have said, "if she would only apply herself, she would be fine". What the heck does that mean? Apply myself? Oh believe me I apply myself. The problem with math is when i see numbers they may as well be symbols with no value. A math person sees the number 3 and sees 3 parts, I just see a number that is the equivalent to nothing or unicorns or rainbows or mostly a squiggly line.
I had an instructor once say, "You have Math Anxiety". You think? Its not like i CAN'T do math, I can... I mean in high school I took Algebra, Geomtry, Advanced Algebr…