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Duh, Pinning!

I have to admit, I'm a Pinterest addict. If you haven't heard of Pinterest you should probably go check it out. It's the best collection of ideas, recipes, home decorating, DIY projects, crafts, etc in one area. My favorite thing to look for on Pinterest are DIY projects and crafts. I have a pretty extensive collection of ideas I would like to try and make myself. Don't you ever look at something and think, "I could do that!" I don't want to make exact copies of something someone else made, but use their idea as a spring board and creatively come up with something that is my own. Sooo.... Once a week I plan on replicating something on Pinterest and then posting it here for all to see. I'm working on something really fun that I will post tomorrow!
*** I was planning on posting my project today, but forgot that the little guy had his 4month shots today. So I'm spending my day snuggling with him. I'll be posting before the end of the week. ***