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Flame Fatale meets Phyllis Diller

Halloween, that spooky time of year when children and grown-ups alike can put on costumes and act crazy. In September, Shannon coerced me into having a Halloween party. I like parties. I like Halloween. Viola. But alas, up until Tuesday this week I had no idea what my costume was going to be... until I saw the Flame Fatale make-up kit at my local Walgreens. I was going to be fire... like sexy fire. Well I might have got the fire part down, but cousins Kelly & Kyle, aka K and\or K said I looked like Phyllis Diller meets Cruella Deville meets Liza Minnelli. UGH.
So you be the judge...

Superfluous Before:

Superfluous After: least my eyelashes were amazing! And the food wasn't bad either...

Everyone that came was very festive... including Disco Diva Shannon (and me where I don't look like Phyllis Diller, but more like Niki Sixx from Motley Crue circa 1985)

Kelly and Kyle as The white trash shot gun wedding bride and Sarah Palin a Footnote on History.

Love the hickeys!

Here you w…