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Father's Day

I spent Father's Day at my parent's house. It was so hot outside but we made the most of it. We ate yummy shrimp & steak kabobs and had fresh strawberries and ice cream for dessert. My dad got a new kitten and he named it "Precious", although, my mom forbids us to use the Lord of the Rings Gollum voice when we talk to it! We played Yard Golf and Buddy swam in the pool. It was nice to be outside in the country with all the pretty flowers and animals and fresh air.
On a side note, only 2 more weeks until I have the whole month of July off of work! Meow!

Oh and I saw the movie "Waitress" on Saturday with K & K... it is a really cute movie! I would definitely recommend it... though be forewarned that afterwards you will want to go eat some pie or cake or something rich and chocolaty. Which we did, we went to Cafe Latte and had Chocolate Amaretto torte and Lemon Poppy seed cake... However, Kyle was pouty because he couldn't have a tart with berries...…