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Like an Episode of Rescue Me...

This became the never ending weekend. Which was funny because I actually watched the NeverEnding Story with my mom this weekend. But I digress.... It was quite eventful, to say the least. I'm not sure if I should begin with today and go backwards to Friday? Well I think I will, just because today was the craziest day! Hmmmm... Lightening struck my parent's house! We were coming home from my Grandmas house and we received a call from a friend who works for the Fire Dept. So we rushed home to find a bazillion fire trucks all along our driveway!
There are so many "Thankfullys" that it it makes me want to cry! Because God was very good to us.
Thankfully the neighbors who live across the field smelled smoke and decided to see what was going on. Thankfully those same neighbors work for the fire dept. Thankfully they rushed over and called the fire dept. Thankfully our other friend Vanessa, who works for the fire dept, though on maternity leave, rushed over to our house and s…