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Snowy Sunday

Oh Sven, you were so right about the snow. It really is snowing today. I can handle it though. Yesterday I raked my whole yard! 11 Bags worth of dead rotting leaves that were leaving death spots on my lush greenery. So now my whole yard is leaf free! So before you jump up and down and say OOH I won the leaf contest!, I kinda left out this minor detail and that is I raked the majority of the leaves off my grass and onto the patio.

A fortress of leaves around my patio. I'm hoping this works as a deterrent from those pesky rabbits that keep falling in my egress windows. I saved one the other day, and lets not mention what happened to the other one. :( Today is a quintessential autumnal day to just be inside and watch crap tv, clean my gross bathroom and make soup! Inspired by the trucker-sounding, lip-smacking, often annoying, bad pun and joke telling Rachael Ray. She was making pumpkin penne and she mentioned making pumpkin soup and I thought, HEY RACH, You are either onto something …