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TWD~Arborio Rice Pudding

disclaimer****There is not really a good way to photog rice pudding... it just looks kinda gross.
I had no intentions of making this recipe. First of all I do not like rice in liquid, and especially not in pudding (ick) and second of all it is a lot harder to bring rice pudding into work than it is to bring oh lets say, Cupcakes. But when I told my taste testers that I would be taking a break this week they had a complete cow man! bart simpson. moo. They said, But we will eat anything you make. Oh really? Fine then you can get icky rice pudding.
I read on the TWD website today where Ms. Dorie Greenspan herself! said, The recipe is wrong! Cook the pudding for 55 minutes not 30 like the book says. I completely ignored her and followed the recipe in the book. She said it would look soupy, mine looked soupy. So i put in the fridge that way. Left for the evening. When I got home and I said, This still looks like disgusting rice soup! So i dumped it back into the pot and then it thickened right…