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Who is Susan?

Apparently there is another superfluous out there in blogger land... And we are like night and day! Funnily enough my cousins read her blog last night thinking it was my blog! They even had their theories about who "Susan" was code for, and of course the man must be my ex bf... I can just imagine the dialog between K & K! I am pukevsmeow.blogspot, not and if you are ever reading my blog and thinking, gee sabrina's a little debbie downer today, then you are reading the wrong blog!
Halloween is next week? I have not decided on a costume! Last year I was Tattoo from Fantasy Island... I was so hot as a little man in a tuxedo!the year before I was in Alaska pretending to be a moose watcher and woodsman. The year before that i was my mom circa 1985! I can't remember past that... although I've been going to the same parties for the past few years, but not this year. New faces, new places. That kinda sounds like the south dakota jin…