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I have a confession to make, I still haven't sent out our wedding thank you cards! We have been married now 6 months and nary a thank you card sent. I have the cards, I just haven't made the time to send them. My husband even offered to do all of them, but we have different views on what should be said in a thank you card. I've already received 2 thank you cards from friends who got married a week after I did, and they sent their cards asap! I know i have up to a year 4 weeks (thanks etiquette police) to do this but with two baby showers planned in the upcoming months I don't want to be writing wedding thank you cards and baby thank you cards. I know i just need to get motivated and do it, it's really important to me because we received so many lovely gifts, i still feel overwhelmed by all the kindness and generosity! So tonight I am going to write 20 thank you cards and see how that goes, a little bit at time might be my golden ticket!