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TWD~Fresh Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread

I literally sat on my couch last night debating if I wanted to make this recipe. I needed about 5 ingredients and I weighed the pros and cons of going out in the frigid January night to purchase said 5 ingredients. Finally, about 8:00 last night I said, Oh why the heck not! I got my buttermilk, bittersweet chocolate, ginger and molasses and decided to skip the ginger stick thingies... I just didn't think these things needed THAT much ginger!

I personally felt like there was a lot of steps to making this gingerbread, with melting the chocolate and all... then later melting more chocolate to make icing. I dumped half a bowl of buttermilk on the floor... (no cat to lick it up anymore, whaa, whaa... oh wait, my cat wasn't allowed to eat dairy anyway) And then once the bread was done resting I couldn't get the darn thing out of the pan!!!! It was stuck to the bottom! So i pleaded and prodded with it and FINALLY I pulled it out of the pan with big chunks stuck to the bottom. Nice…