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Hope you get a tick out of this one...

Sometimes when you stand in line at Target you have many last minute items to pick from: Gum, smut mags, Toblerone chocolates, hairbands, batteries, and even wood ticks. Yes, wood ticks.
Standing in line at Target today a lady said, "Excuse me, could you look at something? I think i have a tick on my neck." So she proceeds to life up her hair, and low and behold is a wood tick planted firmly in her neck. Poor lady looked like she was going to die. So I said, No worries and I asked the checkout gal for a paper towel and then I removed the tick from the lady's neck. She was grateful and began blubbering about how she hates ticks and she is even afraid to remove them from her dog... I was more impressed that she deemed me worthy of tick inspection\removal.
I live for moments like these, they sure do make life interesting.

Vegas re-visited.

Words to sum up the weekend in Vegas:
Blank Blank in the G.A.
The Vegas trip was successful. Just not the weather. Booo! 100 degrees before we left. 60 degrees while we were there. Although the last day we got sun and 80s, so we took advantage of that by laying by the pool for 8 hours. Kyle couldn't make it on the trip because he was sick, real sick. So Kelly, Sarah and I had a girls only weekend. We had some laughs, lots of shopping, a Second City show (PAIN!) and some slot machines. Oh and we ate dinner at the Bellagio, one table away from Khloe Kardashian!
It went by all too quickly. This will be my last hurrah for awhile, now that i am a responsible homeowner. eeek.

To all the pretty girls in hospitals, this one goes out to you!

2 of my favortist girlies are in the hospital.
Ellen and Rachel...
Ellen because of a surgery (successful! as declared by the hot doctor while i was able to be in the room and finally see said Dr. in person!)
Heal quick Nellen we got a trip to plan!
And my BFF Rachel, on a month long hospital bed rest for her pregnancy. I Love you Charlsh!! Wish I could be there with you.... I would make you laugh all day, but not so much that you went into labor. We could watch Felicity and eat chocolate and talk about all our coyote adventures at the reservoir.
Hugs, prayers and good healing wishes to both of you! love love.

Summer 95'

I was just thinking about summer and how quickly it is approaching. I am highly anticipating a very wonderful summer. Which reminds me of the best summer of my life... Summer 95. I had just graduated from high school and found myself working at a YMCA camp. It truly was the best summer! Being outside all day running around, swimming, cook-outs, camping, road-trips, all with some of the coolest people i have ever met. I even found myself becoming best friends with a boy that later i fell in love with. We had some amazingly good times that summer. Being 18 and with high school behind me, I was free to have as much fun as i wanted to and so I did. All before having to face the "real world". I don't know if i will ever have a summer like that again, probably not in the same way, but i will and can still have some fun summers ahead of me. I love good memories, but they are also bitter sweet. I love remembering those happy moments, but the fact that i will never get them back …

Who says painting is fun????

This weekend seemed to go on and on... which was good, because i got a lot done. I closed on MY house on Friday. All went well... And there really weren't that many papers to sign. Actually i was pretty zoned out when i was signing papers, pretty typical when people start talking in big words and financial matters. Nonetheless, I have a house, my very own. And I've already have had visitors! Shannon came over Friday night and Kyle and Kelly on Saturday. Yay.
I also spent Saturday morning at a very lovely baby shower for Jeanelle. I even got to see the illusive Sarah and Megan and baby Nori. Nori loves me by the way... so don't believe anything you read on Megan's blog! Sarah and Ellen threw a great baby shower and thank you for not having games!
I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday taping, priming and painting. I really don't get it when people say they like painting. I just dont get it. But thanks to my parents help, I have a pretty yellow living room and a truly…

Pick Me!

Here i am, sitting here at work. I'm wearing a dress and high heels, nice jewelry and i flat ironed my hair. I wanted to look like an adult*, the look that said, "Hey I'm a responsible individual, pick me for a house." I close on my house today at 11:00am. I'm not even that nervous. Should I be? I guess I'm just thinking about all the work I have to do, if I'm going to be able to maintain a home? Will I forget to change my furnace filter, because I obviously can't remember to check the oil level on my car. I guess I will need to be a more proactive homeowner and take better care of a house than I do my car, or a cat for that matter, because my friends all say my cat looks like death. Hello, he is 16 that's like 200 in people years, you would look like crap too! Poor kitty Marius.
Anyway, here I go, embarking on the biggest purchase of my life, a huge step in the life of Sabrina! I am excited however, to have people over, to cook and feed people in …


This has made the rounds so I thought I would do this in lieu of the 5 things I ♥ right now!

5 Things I Can't Live Without Under $10:
1. Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion
2. Lip Gloss
3. Blueberry Waffle\Muffin Candles
4. Tweezers!
5. Magazines

5 Favorite Girl Baby Names That I Love But Won't Use:
1. Sally
2. Lucia (lucy)
3. Blair
4. Cedar
5. Susannah

5 Favorite Boy Baby Names That I Love But Won't Use:
1. Chuck
2. Xavier
3. Aiden
4. Tommy
5. George

5 Songs You Could Listen to Over and Over:
1. Tell her this--Del Amitri
2.Into the Mystic--Van Morrison
3. You go to my head--Louis Armstrong fet. Oscar Peterson
4. At this Moment--Billy Vera
5. Tiny Dancer--Elton John

5 Things That Stay In My Handbag At All Times:
1. Wallet
2. Lips Gloss
3. Lotion
4. Day Planner
5. Toothbrush

5 Obsessions I Have Right Now:
2. Grapefruit Cups
3. Home Depot
4. Lip Gloss
5. Chuck Bass

5 Places I'd Love to Go:
1. Montevideo, Uruguay
2. Fiji
3. Paris!
4. Sevilla, Spain
5. New Hampshire\New England

Costco Madness

Why going to Costco on a Saturday morning is a bad idea and what i learned from it:
1. I guess it is really cool to go to Costco at 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday. I had the brilliant idea that i would be the only one. Not so much.
2. You really should only go to Costco if you need to buy in bulk and lots of it. Not 1 mother's day hanging flower pot and some shrimp.
3. Men push their grown girlfriends around in the cart. And it's not cute.
4. People flock to the meat department and good luck getting your cart through and no one says excuse me... and they run you over and laugh at you.
5. Better yet, don't even think about pushing a cart around on a Saturday morning.
6. Parents fill their carts full of stuff and somewhere in there is a child that is told not to move and I keep thinking, but he is totally going to crush that lemon creme pie and i think he has frost bite because his mom just put 20 frozen pizzas in his lap.
7. People stalk you for your parking space and it's…

Saying Goodbye

Last night after work I stopped into one of my favorite restaurants, Krua Thai. The running joke with that place is "Are they going to be open?" They have been known to just shut down and just for "today". Nevertheless, I picked up some spicy pad Thai, and while i waited they brought me fresh lemonade, gratis! I love that place. And as I was driving down university, looking at all my favorite hangout joints... I realized just how much i was going to miss living in the Frog-Town, Midway area. Along University Ave are some really amazing places to eat, get together with friends and have laughs over great food. No more quick and convenient, Saigon Restaurant, Krua Thai, Mai Village, Little Schezhwan, Hoa Bien, Cafe Bon-xai, West Indies Soul cafe... I'm heading to the burbs where i can imagine great hole in the wall places don't really exist.
Not that I can't come back, but it won't literally be right in my backyard any longer. I also of course, will mi…

It's been awhile...

I haven't blogged in a few days. I'm consumed by house buying and house packing. Signing my life away and not freaking out. And really, i just know everything is going to be ok. It will won't it?
Which reminds me of my journal from last year. I re-read it last night. Oh boy it was painful to read. I forget how sad and heartbroken I was. Good Grief. or I guess I should say, Bad Grief.
But i wrote this line, "It won't always be like this, will it?" I had one ounce of tiny hope that kept me from drowning by trying to believe that really it wouldn't always hurt that bad.
and Yes, Sabrina there really is a healing God. (that's my spin on Yes Virginia, there really is a santa claus)
I can safely and confidently say that i am in a far better place then I was a year ago. I truly am happy and content, albeit a bit freaked out about being a homeowner, but that is a good thing.
Just thought i would share.
I also thought i would share this blog that i totally get. I sh…


Girls Night In. Jaime, Cindy, Shannon and yours truly. We gathered to celebrate both Jaime and Cindy's birthdays before Cindy left for Europe. Again! There were sparklers, Gorging, garage door installments, 2 second margaritas, goggles, Jason Mraz, Jangles, Giant Ears, WHAT? Puss o Kram, Love Love.