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Don't Call it a Comeback...

I been here for years... Does anyone know that tune? So I'm back and ready to get my blog on.
K & K and I have been emailing back n' forth new names for the Twin's Stadium. I believe it will be called Target Field or something lame like that once it is finished...
These are a few that we came up with... So far Kelly is in the lead with the best name:
Paul Bunyan Ball Park!
These are a few other ones we came up with:
Spam Stadium
Dayton's Dome (ok that is what i would've named the current dome)
3M Field
General Mills Park
Ballpark of America
Nut Goody Park
Jenne-O Field (you lose we let Turkeys out in your dugout -KAV)
Getdney Pickle Park

If you can come up with a better name then Kelly's Paul Bunyan Ball Park you will win a prize...
Play Ball!