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Santa's Workshop

Today my cousin Kelly hosted a Santa's Workshop Wrapping and Cookie Exchange Party! Kelly went all out with treats and wrapping paper for everyone.

There was a great mix of women there, and we had fun chatting and eyeing each other's gifts! We also did a cookie exchange where everyone brought 2 dozen cookies to swap. Everyone brought great cookies to share, now i have a super great variety!

I made one of my favorite childhood cookies, Melting Moments, with pink and green frosting. Melting Moments are exactly what their name is, they melt in your mouth in a moment.

As a joke I also made Kelly mini bundt cakes. We were talking the other day, while I was making cupcakes, and she said, "are you making a dozen cupcakes for the party?" Of course I wasn't, but we joked about someone bringing 2 dozen bundt cakes to pass around! I had so much fun laughing and joking around with the ladies at the party, including Kelly's pastor of her church, Pastor Anne. I think if more …

December 16, 2007

Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Europe 04'

My friend Liz posted some pictures on Facebook of her time in Europe. She lived in Sevilla, Spain for a semester. At the end of the semester I flew to Spain to visit and do some traveling. We spent a few weeks backpacking through Spain, Italy and France. It was such a perfect time, everything was beautiful and inspiring, I didn't want to leave. Sometimes I still think about moving to Europe for awhile. Well, back then when I was a SLR Camera snob, I wouldn't even dream of taking photos with a digital camera! And although I did get some great shots with my good ol' regular film camera, I can't post them for the world to see. So I rely on Liz so I can *steal* her pictures for my blog. Thanks Liz! It's so gray and bleak on this December day, so here are Europe pics so we can all dream about escaping... even if its just for a few seconds.