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From. The. Past.
I no longer watch ER. I haven't watched it in years. But I used to. I watched it every Thursday night after Friends and a bunch of other shows i can no longer remember. So last night after 30-Rock I had the tv on in the back ground and ER was on. And then there they were, Carol Hatheway, Doug Ross, John Carter, and Peter Benton. I don't know why, but it made me happy to see those originals back. Mostly because it brought me back to a completely different time in my life. The last half of the 90's are where i spent my early 20's... Lots of memories. My life is so different now, or I am. Both. I had no idea what was happening on last nights episode, and I didn't really care... I just got pretty nostalgic seeing those old cast members float across the screen. And how cool that George Clooney isn't too Hollywood now to come back to his old stomping grounds. Nothing annoys me more when actors say, I just want to put that character behind me. Um hello, wi…