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Nosey Friday

Over at one of my favorite baking sites Chocolatechic, who by the way is not only a phenomenal cook but an amazing photographer, she posted a question:

If you had a house fire and all your loved ones and pets were out of the house, what 3 things would you then save?

My three things would be the following:

1. My journals... 11 years worth of memories, boyfriends, moves, job changes, heart joys, heart breaks, celebrations and pity parties. I would be so sad to lose these memories. Because if someday I am blessed with a daughter I would give her these journals and say, Its okay to be imperfect and question life, and take risks and love and be loved and make mistakes...

2. My photos... years and years worth of memories that are irreplaceable.

3. My purse... I've had my purse stolen 2x now and it is a pain in the you know what to try and cancel credit cards and get a new driver's licence and replace all 500 tubes of lip gloss that litter my purse. Plus i always carry my camera in my pur…