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Shabby Chic for the Bathroom

If you don't know it by now I am Ms. Shabby Chic... third after Joolee, who is second after Rachel Ashwell.
I found these framed prints that i oh so badly want for my bathroom... So when you are doing your bizzness you can read this:

These can be found here at the Shabby Chic store. Where I can afford nothing.

Yippy! Skippy! Christmas Movies!

Shannon Someone said to me, "Last night I went home and listened to Christmas music." What! Christmas is light years away. Until it hit me... By Golly its almost a month away! Hurray!
It's the most wonderful time of the year. Actually July is because:

a) It's finally HOT in Minnesota
b) I get the whole month off from work

But I do like Christmas time for realizies. One of my FAVORITE Sabro holiday traditions is watching a Christmas themed movie every weekend starting the weekend after Thanksgiving, all the way up until the night before Christmas....

So here is my Christmas movie countdown list:

Family Stone (SJP is uptight hot tranny mess, family is dysfunctional! love love love the feel of it all)

ELF (Could Zooey Deschanel get any cuter as Jovie! What a voice too! Will Ferrel is hilarious. Love that his name is Buddy, just like by Bro Buddy!)

Miracle of 34th Street (Santa+Macy's+crabby Maureen O'Hara+Natalie Woods+Christmas Spirit=I BELIEVE!

White Christmas (The sin…


Overheard in the Media Center today between a girl and boy:

G: Have you read Twilight?
B: No.
G: But its such a good book!
B: It's not a book, its an epidemic.

so true. so very very true.