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Nice and Toasty

House warming party #1 was a success. I spent all last week prepping for said party... Cleaning, decorating, shopping, weeding, mowing, stripping (wallpaper! you gutter minders!), painting, hauling, pruning, etc... The food was simple, sloppy joes, chips, crudites, (that's French for veggie tray) and cupcakes. There was a great turn-out of some of my favorite people. It rained on and off, but the house kept us dry. There were conversations in every corner of the house. I love seeing a full house. People were kind and generous with gifts and foods and well wishes. I am blessed. Yes Yes!

Today I am laying in the hammock, reading and relaxing. Even Marius is pooped out and needs to come down from his party high.
I will spend the better part of my last 2 weeks off, visiting with friends, reading, writing, cooking, and celebrating some birthdays. July is quickly coming to a close and I want to make it count.