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TWD~Coconut Butter Thins

First things first, Sorry for the hiatus... I've been awfully busy lately which has lead to little or no baking on my part.
Second of all, I do not like coconut, well in some things I do. But not shredded coconut. So these technically are NOT Coconut Butter Thins... They are Almond Butter Thins with a cute little chocolate chip on top. I took a long look at the recipe and said, Holy Jamole! This seems quite the process for some cookies. Lime zest, do not have, Shredded Coconut, Nish Nish! Macadamia Nuts? Do I look like my economy has been stimulated lately? But in my endeavor to be more resourceful and upbeat I decided to make my own version. I also was not too keen on the putting the dough in baggie and rolling it out and using a ruler and doing math. So i mixed everything up and then added a heaping handful of almonds to the dough. And a drop or two of Almond extract and oh yeah Curry powder. Well I added that to my flour. Why you ask? Well because I did not have ground coriander an…