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The results are in!!!!!

Mystery Judge finally gave me the results to the Twins Stadium Name-Off Contest. MJ had some help from a bunch of 7th graders, who I believe were told that they were actually naming the new Twins Stadium, or something like that. Hope they are not too disappointed when they realize that the name will still be boring Target Field. Mystery Judge had the final say and came up with my personal favorite too. Here are the 3 runners up:

In 3rd place is Circle Me Bert Ballpark submitted by sensible of shoe

In 2nd place is Mosquito Heaven submitted by the three 22nds

and the runner up is: You Betcha Field again submitted by sensible of shoe

The grand prize winner of the Twins Stadium Name-Off is:

We-Should-Just-Puckett-and-Get-Some-Beers Park*
by ms. ellen d!
Congratulations Elle-Beau *and no MJ did not let the 7th graders vote on this name. I can only imagine the fun they would have with that one. and then the parent phone calls. not fun.