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Operation BIG BIRD: Complete.

After one very long day at work, and I mean very long, I went on my somewhat merry way to go get my turkey. I weaved through the shores of lake Minnetonka to make it to Lakewinds Food Co-op. Lakewinds started as a small organic health foods store that my mom has been going to for years. Now, Lakewinds has grown and expanded to other locations, but their mission to bring healthy organic food to the people is still what they stand for. Anyway, I picked up my beautifully plump 15 lb bird and headed for home. And now the turkey is resting peacefully in my fridge. Tomorrow will begin the all out process of preparing for Thursday. If you read my cousin Kelly's blog she hilariously goes into the joys of being first time thanksgiving hosts. She says it best, so read it people! I will be making orange\pomegranate\rosemary cranberries, corn bread apple sausage stuffing (or as my brother calls it: Bread Dressing) and Spinach-Cheese Swirls for an appetizer. And of course, the turkey. Which w…