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Leprechaun Mischief!

St. Patrick's Day started more like April Fool's Day for me!!! I had a whole fun day planned of Green Cinnamon Rolls, Shamrock Cookies, wearing O' the Green and fun fun fun!! But instead I went to get the mail, turned around, tripped over my husband's HUGE shoe in the middle floor (where did that come from?? darn Leprechaun!)... and face planted into the floor!!! Down she goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUCH! Thank God I wasn't holding the baby, that would have been BAD!  But it hurt like the dickens and my husband came running and tried to pick me up, but I wasn't ready to be picked up and i just wanted to lay on the floor in my agony and tears. But I started laughing at the same time because I envisioned myself falling and my husband pulling at me to get me off the floor. And that was super funny!
He kept saying, Why are you Laughing???
But really I was in pain. Thankfully  I didn't break anything. My arm and my leg took the brunt of it though and I have some nice …