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Wrecking Cakes, Gossip Girl Style

My cousin Kelly and I had this brilliant idea to make our own version of Cake Wrecks. If you haven't seen the blog Cake Wrecks, you must go! These are professional cakes gone horribly, hilariously wrong as they like to say.
But what is better than a Cake Wreck? Our favorite show Gossip Girl as a Cake Wreck.
We invited our pal Nikki to join us, (a recent GG convert) and we each made our own cake.
Kyle was there to supervise and he said,
"This is probably the second strangest lamest event I've ever attended, the first being opening night of Twilight at the theatre."
These are some fabulously awesome cakes, you never have nor never will again witness such breathtaking beauties!!! My Amazing Chuck Bass Cake

Nikki's Fierce Cake

Kelly's Ghetto Fab GG Cake!

Better than TWD?

I did not make the Lemon Tart. I had to make a cake last night for an extra special blog post that will commence tomorrow.
The Upper East Siders are going to be a wreck!


Check Back Tomorrow....