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Strangers Among Us

For years I have been hearing about these mythical creatures. They are supposedly real people, who live and work among us. Almost alien like. Or like on that old 80's show "V" where the aliens walked and talked and looked like humans but underneath they were (gasp) reptiles!
But the people I am referring to really do exist. Who are these people you might wonder?
Yes, it's true, they really do exist!!! This rare breed of people who live within a short distance of work, so everyday they can make a quick jaunt home, let the dog\cat out, check the mail, and eat lunch in the comfort of their own home. They are not like the rest of the world who commutes from excruciating long distances everyday, forced to eat lunch in a stale\stinky staff lounge. Nope, these people work in the same area they live in. (Double Gasp)!
And how are you wondering do i know they exit? Because hold on to your hats folks, I'm shedding my skin, taking off the mask,
I …