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Holy Habanero Hotness!

Chili Peppers just ain't cuttin' it anymore. My taste buds crave something with a little bit more kick. I have moved on to the habanero and literally there has been a full out assault in my mouth! Um, but just don't rub your eyes after chopping up one of these bad boys, I learned that lesson the hard way! I am going to try my hand at drying the habeneros and making them into crushed pepper flakes! My only fear now is that I will out grow the heat level of the hab and then what will I do? Am I setting myself up for letdown, or just the inevitable dismantling of my taste buds? Only time will tell!

Habanero Shrimp with Couscous
Ingredients (this was all done by just throwing stuff together, so play around with it.) 1\2 habanero chopped (seeds included!! at your own risk of course!) 1 Tbls fresh flat leaf parsley chopped 1 Tbls fresh oregano chopped 1 garlic clove minced 1 Tbls spoon lemon juice 10 medium shrimp, deviened & tails off 1 Tbls olive oil 2 Tbls white wine salt\pepper\red…