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The snow has fallen. Winter is officially here. I am also here, just lying low. Things are going swimmingly. Speaking of swimming, at my last ultrasound my little peanut was a little mermaid, twisting and turning and splashing around!
Our latest big news is that we are moving! 3 miles down the road into my husband's house. Or as we like to call it, our "Winter" home. With a baby coming, we are in need of more room and the Winter home has a lot more space. My house, our "Summer" home is way cuter and has an awesome backyard. But the Winter home has 3 bedrooms on the main floor, a lovely bay window for the cat to perch on and I can decorate however I like! The other perk is the Winter home is in walking distance of Half Price Books, Target & Chipotle! This move is hopefully just temporary, until we can sell the Summer home. Then we'll sell the Winter home and buy a house together. That would be nice.
Some other happens of late:

*We took a trip to Michigan t…