Friday, September 7, 2012

Real Quick...

Hello! Hello! I feel so out of touch with the blog\social media\life\world!

I am so limited on time to the computer that it's rare to have a moment to just sit down and write something.

A couple of things:

We had a great 2 weeks in Michigan in the beginning of August!

When we got back we moved into my parent's basement and 3 weeks later, we're still here, still waiting to move into a new house. waiting...waiting...waiting...

I miss having my own space, 100% toddler proofed, my own kitchen and my alone time. But I am grateful my parents have been so accommodating.

I'm hoping we'll be moved in by Halloween so I can start decorating for Fall\Halloween!!! It makes me so happy.

I am 20 weeks along now and tired all the time. I think it's because I'm chasing a very active little boy around. And he is also sleeping in the same room as us, so it's been very interesting how sleep has been for us. (not good). He needs his own room PRONTO!

We had our 20 week ultrasound! Things look fantastic and...

We're having another BOY!!!!

I was really excited for this, because I want Everett to have a pal so close in age. Boys are so fun! The only problem is, we are having the toughest time coming up with boys names. I love Elliot (my husband does not) grrrr.... but he likes Tiberius, yes you heard that right. After James T. Kirk from Star Trek. yikes. Any good boy name suggestions??????????

Well, that is about it. I'm taking this brief moment of time of being alone to say hello and how you all doing?

Now I better go see what mischief my mom and Everett are up to.


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