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Brought to you by the number 2

Today is my 2 year anniversary at my job. To "normal" people 2 years is not a long time to be a at a job... to my people that is a MILESTONE! I've had a handful of jobs since high school and graduating from college. The longest I've stayed at a job has so far been 1.5 years. I just get restless and bored very easily, and so I have no problems putting in my two week notice. As a matter of fact i have become quite good at it, considering I've changed jobs A LOT! The other miracle of this job is that i hated it when i first started. I never thought I would stay there longer than a month... and now here I am 2 years later! It's not the most exciting job, nor is it my dream job, but it's a job that i like. I have great co-workers that make the day most enjoyable. For example, just yesterday my work BFF and I hid a book about poop in the bathroom. Just some light reading to add some humor to our day. It's stuff like that, that makes me love my job! And how a…