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Boating and bombs!

So again my plans changed for the weekend and I ended up going to Cindy's cabin along with my brother, Shannon, & Jaime. We had so much fun! Boating and bombs! Yes! Cindy's brother made homemade bombs using only The Works toilet bowl cleaner, aluminum foil and an empty plastic bottle. There is something about the chemical reaction between Toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil that causes an explosion! Who knew? OMG we laughed soooo hard! And just think that when we were 16 we were just as stupid! I guess 15 years later things don't change that much!!! Oh and all you faithful readers please check back this weekend. On Friday night we are going to re-enact the Magic Bullet commercial, with the lady whose cigarette never burns and all!!! I have a Magic Bullet and so does Cindy's friend, so we should be able to put on a pretty good show! So stay tuned! Ya know, I just realized today that for the first time…