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Tuesdays With Dorie - Tarte Tatin

I am really sad that i took such a long Tuesdays with Dorie hiatus. I used to be so good at baking every week. But one of my New Year's resolutions is to bake once a week, so this is me, starting back up again. This week's recipe is a Tarte Tatin. After reading the recipe i realized 1 very important thing, i do not have a cast iron skillet, or one that can safely go into the oven. And believe me, i unknowingly tried one of my regular pans. After throwing a few dirty pan in the oven to hide them during my new counter top & sink installation, i turned on the oven to pre-heat it and TOTALLY forgot about the dirty pans. eeeek!!! what is that burning smell!!! Thankfully i got them out right in time. I blame my mom for this one. She said, Oh i always throw my dirty pans in the oven to hide them. gross. lesson learned. Back to the Tarte Tatin, without a skillet i had to improvise. I also got apples, but then decided to use pears. So i made the caramelized sugar and the pears in a…