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Settling In

I can't believe I have been in my apartment for almost one year now. When I moved in, I thought I would only be there maybe 3 months tops, and then I was going to buy a house. Well the house didn't happen, and I'm actually very glad. My little home has been a place of solace this past year. A cozy, quiet place to go to at the end of a long day. Sweet relief! I really don't want to move anytime soon, because it is one of my least favorite things! Over the past four years I have moved 4 times! Let me tell you, moving stresses me out! Actually, I was reading an article about top life stressors. And in this article they list, moving, starting a new job and loss of a loved one, as some of the most stressful things in life. Looking back over my year, the first part of the year I experienced all three events. Within four months, I moved, lost someone i loved, and I started a new job! It was indeed a very stressful time! However, I have spent the last part of this year, learn…