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I love these 8 Spring Tips from Jonathan Adler. I found them on a dazzling blog, Her Name Was Lola.

Clean! There is nothing more depressing than a Grey Gardens grunge scenario.
Bicycle! The perfect way to be green and tone your legs just in time for summer!
Pillows! Store your winter throw pillows and brighten up the living room with some colorful new pillows in your favorite summer weight fabric.
Lamps! More lamps and less watts = diva lighting.
Candles! Candlelight erases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Towels! Invest in brand new extra fluffy towels. People wait too long and they get all frazzled and gnarly - replace them now!
Re-paint! Something needs re-painting and you keep putting it off but now is the time – just do it! (this was meant for me!!)
Re-arrange! Turn your furniture into new and groovy configurations. How about a semi-circle? Think "conversation pit!"

And my own that I am adding:
Hug!! Someone out there needs one!