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Mom, Women of Faith

Once again, my friend and fellow blogger Nancy has asked me (and a few other women) to respond to a number of questions in her series, Mom, Women of Faith. This week's topic is, What it means to be a Christian Mom. Below you will find  my answer and several other moms' answers. Enjoy! 

Today we are launching a new series: Mom, Woman of Faith.  Each Saturday a group of moms will respond to a question essential to our lives as Christians and Mothers.  It is our hope that this series will spark reflection and growth for all those involved, both those writing here and those reading.  Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section or on facebook.

This week's Question:
What does it mean to be a Christian Mother?
Nancy Small Things I have been reflecting on what it means to be a Christian mother and I keep coming back the title of my blog, "do small things with (great) love".  This was the motto of Mother Theresa and although she was not a "mother"…