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December 7, 2007

Angelic Tree Topper

Home Sick Meal

Today I was home sick, with some sort of cold-sinus thing. Just on the right side of my face... all runny and watery and icky. I think though, that the title of this post is misleading. Maybe you are thinking this is a meal I make when I am homesick, as in missing my home. But alas, this is just a meal i made when i was at home, sick. I've never really been homesick (as in missing home) I was a pretty independent kid, so sleepovers and overnight camp were a blast. Even when I was living in New Hampshire for a year and I only came home 2 times, I really wasn't too upset. The only time I was a bit homesick was when i was living in China. It was just for a summer, but for some reason, I was very eager to get home. Who knows why? Maybe it was the constant stomach flu, or the psycho team leader, or maybe it was a boy i missed? Well whatever it was, I survived. I always do. No, this is a recipe I enjoyed today as I was lounging on the couch watching the Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shiel…