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Chandelier Magic!

I really want a chandelier for my dining room. But everything I look at is too expensive or not what I'm looking for.
My mom gave me one of her old brass chandeliers and I'm thinking about spray painting it... What do you think? Maybe a bright Fuchsia or a Hot pink?

I saw this idea on Design Sponge, I love the before and after!

There are also these examples on Apartment Therapy:

There is so many things you could do to jazz up an old brass chandelier! I'm so excited to make over mine! I'll post my before and afters when I'm finished!


Here is something stimulating and interesting for you to read on a Monday:

10 Important Facts

Some surprising medical facts for you to consider whilst going about your daily chores today:

1) No one in the entire world can touch all their own teeth with their tongue.
2) Mad people everywhere are now trying this.
4) You've just tried, and discovered this to be untrue.
5) Now you're sitting there with a crazed smile on your face.
5) Bet you didn't notice that I'd skipped number 3!
6) And now you've gone back to check.
7) Bet you didn't notice that I'd skipped number 6 either.
8) Fooled again...
9) Bet you didn't notice that number 5 appears twice!
10) Now that hopefully you've got a smile on your face, remember that that's what it's all about, and go back to your daily chores...
Wasn't that fun?

One more week and then I am in Florida! Sunshine and Baseball are calling my name! Thanks for sticking around Mauer!!!!