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House Love

Happy post Halloween. I'm ready for the other Holidays to be here. Now that I have a child, holidays somehow seem more fun and magical!! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!
I've been busy around the house. Little tweaks here and there to make the house look more lived in. The realization hit me the other day that we might be in this house for awhile. I have been treating this house as a temporary dwelling place, but in reality, this is our home and I need to love it up. It's hard because this is a house I would've never picked out if I was house shopping. I really dislike so many things about it and I miss my old cute house. The other day it really struck me at how ungrateful and bitter I have been about this house. And that is just wrong. I am thankful to have a roof over my head, a wonderful husband and a healthy sweet little boy. So I am working on accepting what I have and being thankful everyday for this house. Thank you to Pinterest for giving me so many id…