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TWD~World Peace Cookies

I'm not sure why these cookies are called World Peace cookies. They were not so peaceful to make. Actually, all was well until I finished mixing in the flour and my dough was so crumbly.
Dorie said it might be, but I wasn't expecting this. Cutting them proved to be a bit difficult so I just pieced them together as best as I could. Maybe they should've been called World Piece cookies?
The interesting thing about these was the sea salt that was added. I didn't use Fleur de Sel, instead I opted for regular ol' sea salt. I was a little leery about the amount of salt i added and how it would affect the taste of the cookie. But it really did enhance the chocolate and flavor. I might add sea salt to more of my baked goods. My pictures didn't turn out so well. Because the finished project was nothing to look at. But they did taste very nice. I also didn't use bittersweet chocolate and used mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. I don't like dark chocolate so I'm g…