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I have a love hate relationship with yeast! It all started when I worked in a kitchen at a crisis care facility in the mountains of New Hampshire. Almost everyday at one point in the day I had to make some sort of dinner rolls, and they all used yeast. Some days the yeast would rise beautifully. Other days it just fell flat. My friend Rachel always seemed to have the worst time with yeast. Go Pull Bread! Anyway, once i got the hang of using yeast, I could make just about any kind of dinner rolls and they were scrumpdilicious! That was over 10 years ago. Once i didn't have to make dinner rolls everyday, I stopped using yeast.
So here I am faced with the challenge of making Kugelhopf and I seem to be failing miserably. My dough is not rising. UGH!!!!! I lost my magic touch. The one thing that got my undies in a bunch was that the recipe didn't call for me to proof the yeast first. That is all I've ever done and now, no proofing. I feel strange inside.
I do not own a Kugelhopf …