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TWD~Berry Surprise Cake

This was a Berry good lesson in following directions! I did not do a Berry good job! The Surprise is that I am Berry bad at egg ribbons and egg diva cakes. I'm Berry MAD! Actually, Im not mad... but just really disappointed. I think I might turn this into Berry Surprise Cup Cakes. My cake came out flat as a pancake. I was warned that it would by countless TWD bakers. I used a 9inch Springform, thinking I could defy gravity.
So with my pancake, I decided to be resourceful and skip hollowing out the cake (because I physically couldn't) and thus just spreading the filling on top. The filling was delish, after adding more sugar. The berries in the filling were sublime. The berries and filling on top of the cake... YUCK! My cake tasted like thick eggs! I do not like thick egg cake, Sabro I am! It looked pretty though.
My only hope is to make some more filling, salvage the berries and whip up some cupcakes or something? I have no clue. Because I REFUSE to serve this to anyone!

Whoa is m…