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Goodbye to blog?

I've been thinking about my blog and I was wondering if i am getting bored with it? Maybe i am, maybe this is silly to write about my life? I don't know, I haven't had anything to really say the past few days. Not that I haven't been busy, or have had memorable moments, but sometimes I just get sick of hearing myself think. I think too much. Way too much. Not too over analytical, but i just think about things and people and situations and circumstances... hopefully not obsessively, but i do think a lot. Anyway what is my point in all this? I don't know, for now I will keep the blog going.
Last night i met with the girls i do bible study with and we are now in the midst of covering Philippians. Somehow i ended up being the leader this round, though I'm sure i am doing ok, i always assume i could be doing better. We were talking about grace and peace last night. And i was saying how God measures out to us the amount we need to get you through. This year has been …