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Rock out with your Vlach out!


Trees Falling on Buildings

I haven't been able to blog all weekend, so I will give a re-cap of this weekends events. Friday night at about 3:30am I awoke to hear a loud thud and saw a huge flash of light outside my window. Now of course, I am waking out of a dead sleep so I completely freaked out and disorientated. I have this funny thing about me that if I wake up from a dead sleep I pretty much lose all sense of logic, and cannot think strait for a few minutes until I get my bearings. It's kinda humorous, because I really think bizarre thoughts right at that moment of waking. So anyway, at the moment of waking to a loud thud and flash of fire\light outside my window, I didn't know what to think, maybe someone was breaking in, maybe there was a fire... but really i had no clue where I was. When I finally figured it out, I realized that a huge tree had fallen on my building and with it it brought down a power line and ripped the electrical wiring out from the buildings wall. So I still do not have e…