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Time is not on my side.

There is not enough time in the day. No, the evening, not enough time in the evening. I have a lot of time during the day, doing my job and wishing I could be somewhere else doing something I like doing. If only I could get paid to write and cook and bake and be funny. I have sooo much to do before Friday and I am running out of time. I am going to a "Gold" party on Friday, well it is an Open House for my friends Sarah, Ellen & Stacy and it also happens to be Sarah's Golden birthday. Wearing Gold to this party is a must! I have yet to find a truly outrageous outfit... I am on the hunt. Something wicked sick, like solid gold and glitter. I told Sarah to play some Solid Gold dance tunes, and I would bust a move for her. I am also bringing a special treat... but I can't say what because it is a surprise. So now I leave my job, in order to make this special treat and then off to be with friends. I am not complaining... oh no, I am not... I am blessed with friends a…