Sunday, January 1, 2012

Valentine's Banner *

*this is a re-post to get us in the Lovey Dovey spirit*

I said I would get crafty, so I got crafty! My original plan was to make a banner that said, Happy Valentine's Day, but that got a little long, Sooo... I shortened it to LOVE. And truthfully that is all I need. It was really quite simple. I learned how to make the Rosettes from this tutorial here.
What you will need:
Scrap booking paper sheets
Felt sheets (i used hot pink with glitter on it)
tissue paper
pipe cleaner
glitter letter stickers (i used Martha Stewart's from Michael's)
paper punch
Make the rosettes from the tutorial using scrap booking paper of your choice.

  • Take strips of tissue and glue them together to create a paper tassel.
  • Cut out a circle of Felt and then glue pipe cleaner around felt circle.
  • Cut out a smaller circle of scrap paper and stick glitter letter to smaller paper circle.
  • Glue smaller paper circle to felt circle.
  • Put hot glue all over the back of the felt circle, attach tissue paper tassel and quickly stick on the front of your rosette.
  • Punch two small holes on the top of each rosette and string ribbon through all the rosettes.
Simple and easy!
Remember: Mind the Glue Gun!

Love Banner at my Wedding! 
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